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Student Atheroth Chandra suggested 2nd invention for 1 year to VEINHANCER



Past few days I was in a Work related to my new Project I named as “Veinhancer” to be precise, Right now our medical field following an outdated method, for getting vein doctor’s or attender’s then strap a rubber around the patient’s biceps tighten it hardly, Instead of that technique, I discovered a Machine it going to be very useful to Medical world and it’s Patentable. *Materials Used – 1. Micro Wave low RPM 4W Motor 2. PVC Connector & Box 3. High elasticity and durable plastic cable 4. Flexible lifelong durable thin Tube 5. 4m White 2A grade high quality Wire 6. Electric Room Heater’s 7A Switch So my final concluding this device will be applicable for Patenting. In the name of Atheerth Chandran & Osh State University I would like to apply Patient. Kindly Please Take necessary steps for Patency