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STUDENTS AWARD CEREMONY 2016 was held on the 29th of September, 2016 in the campus of the International Medical Faculty with full support and enthusiasm of the students. Along with that took place the formation of the New Structure of the Youth Committee and Students’ Ombudsman Committee and plans for the next academic session were also discussed by the respective student leaders. The delegation of the New Structure of the Youth Committee and the Ombudsman Committee would be headed by the newly elected President of the Youth Committee Boikuntha Hazarika and Student’s Ombudsman Piyush Mishra respectively. The students were elated with the speech of the former President of the Youth committee Abhishek Sharma who gave a vibrant presentation of the activities conducted by the members of the Youth Committee in the last academic session. At the end, the best students in their respective fields of academics, cultural activities and sports were awarded certificates of honor by the respected DEAN and the VICE-DEAN of the faculty. The enthusiasm of the STUDENT’S AWARD CEREMONY was maintained by the lively cultural shows by the dance groups and songs from the students. We thank all the students and our respected teacher Madam Mitalipova Ainura of the teaching staff for her help and co-ordination in conducting the ceremony smoothly.