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Testing of the results of studies of graduate student A. K. Kaipova.

NOVEMBER 6, 2019 In Osh MU, the International Faculty of Medicine, the results of studies of graduate student A.K. Kaipova were tested The theme of the dissertation was “Comprehensive rehabilitation of women with nutritional obesity.” Specialty-Restorative medicine, physiotherapy and sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy, w-14.03.11. The supervisor of studies is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor G. Belov The graduate student made his presentation and answered questions from leading experts of our university who evaluated the relevance of the research topic, research goals and objectives, stages and solutions to the problem, the results obtained and the degree of testing in publications. Congratulations to the graduate student and his supervisor with good results. Many thanks to professors and associate professors, Belov G, V., Yusupov F. A., Dzholdubaev S., Kalmatov R.K., Atabaev I.N. and other teachers for participating in events that helped to evaluate the results and adjust the research of our graduate student.