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The choice of representatives of the MMF at the big Academic Council of Osh State University

On September 17, a general expanded faculty meeting was held at the international medical faculty to select a representative for the large Academic Council with the presence of all faculty members. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Dean Muratov Zh.K. members of org. Committee Ysmailova R.A., Atabaev I.N., Lawyer- Pataev S., Scientific Secretary- Kochkonbaeva SI Was received 1 statement from the nominee head. Department of “Clinical Disciplines №1” Mamatovoi SM Members of the counting commission were selected: G.V. Belov – chairman, A.N. Mitalipova – commission member, N.M. Tashmatova. 107 people participated in the elections, as a result of 107 votes, 106 – “for”, 1- “against”. Also the chairman of the working group on the development of the PLO – associate professor Sakibayev K.Sh. He acquainted those present with the latest draft of the PLO from 2018. In the discussions were: Bugubaeva MM, Belov G.V., Ali Abbas Rahat, and others. Decided to finish the discussion within a week and make adjustments to the final version of the PLO “medical business”.