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The competition in the personnel reserve of faculty positions

Osh State University, on June 24,  took up positions in the  faculty of the University out of 109 candidates on the basis of the documents required for contests.  The University rector for academic affairs of the University Zamir Bojonov, departments attempted to improve the professional quality so that  innovative, creative, active teachers could be selected. In the first stage of the contest, the candidates were tested  by the department test of 100 marks. The test questions were clear. According to information provided by the personnel department,  the University  summarized the subject results of the 1st stage. The test questions of subject were passed by all the candidates who received a score of 70 points. Tested 59 candidates in the first round on June 28 will go through  pedagogy and  psychology test . Contests will be held in the main testing centers of the University.