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The dean of International medical faculty OshSU visited hostel for first-year students from India

Dean of faculty Kalmatov R. K. together with Dr.Waseem Changwani, continued visits to the places of residence of foreign. Today they visited the private hostel which is in the Osh district of the city near park of astronauts. This 4-storey hostel continues to be completed, but 1 and 2 floor in which 40 first-year students are placed already functions. After the end of construction works, since October 15 this hostel can accomodate upto 150 students. There is a separate kitchen, the dining room where the expert cook who arrived from India works to prepare indian dishes for students. They discussed questions of stay with the owner of hostel during whom, the dean demanded to create even more favorable conditions for accommodation and study, to ensure safety, to observe sanitation and to correspond to all hygienic standards, to hold regular meetings and explanatory works among students. Also, noted need of close connection with the management of faculty, law enforcement bodies, for prevention of violations of stay in the territory of the hostel. In a basement, they decided to equip a reading room for students. A shuttle bus is organized for students of this hostel.