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The motto of the teachers of surgeons of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2 “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times”

The active use of interactive teaching methods in practical classes contributes to immersing students in a real problem-solving atmosphere that is optimal for developing the skills and qualities of a future specialist. Teachers of surgical disciplines of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” not only form theoretical knowledge, but also actively involve students in practical medicine, giving the opportunity to participate in the clinical examination of the patient, with a daily bypass of patients, on laparoscopic operations, on surgical, anesthesiological and intensive care procedures, on ligation of postoperative patients on the basis of the Osh city clinical hospital. The main goals of teachers are to form students’ ideas about medical ethics and deontology when communicating with patients, medical personnel, relatives of patients, qualified care for postoperative surgical patients, mastering practical skills and skills in first aid, methods of performing operations with laparoscopic and laparotomic access. Thus, the use of active teaching methods by surgeons of the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2 MMF on practical classes form the concept of students not only “knows”, but also “knows and owns”, which play an important role in achieving RO discipline and RO in OO MMF.