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The study of depressive disorders of students of MMF at the SNK of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2”

Depressive disorders have a direct impact on the educational and social life of students, as well as the sphere of their personal lives, and lead to significant social maladjustment, which requires a careful approach of medical and social services to their identification, treatment and prevention. In extreme cases, depression can lead to suicide – currently the second leading cause between the ages of 15-29. Since MMF students are newcomers, the process of adapting students to a new social environment almost always takes place with some difficulties and leaves a person face to face with his problem, giving himself the choice of how to solve it – from action to inaction. The purpose of the SNK of the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” is to conduct a study of the mental state of students of MMF and identify various mental disorders that reflect the relationship between various aspects, such as moving to Kyrgyzstan (Osh) and affective personality disorders. Therefore, the department “Clinical Disciplines 2” on the plan SNK 2018-2019 uch. year included the study of this problem. According to the plan, the work of the scientific circle is activated. Under the guidance of the department’s teachers (J.A. Abzhamilova, I.S. Abdiraimova) together with the activists of the SNK among the 3rd and 5th courses of the MMF, 1033 students were surveyed. Today, the results of the survey are statistically processed, followed by publication in scientific journals.