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“The two Korean İnha” were presented by the university textbooks

South Korea is one of the higher educational institutions of the Republic, “” İnha unversitettinen school Korean language were donated.

Or rather, on the basis of the bilateral agreement, the school educational institutions, “special envoy” İnha University, the University rector for academic affairs at the University of Lithuania is presented Bojonovgo 350 books.

2018-2019- was released in Korea in the Korean language, literature, history, culture, economy and international relations of scientific books in the school library has been exported. But this school of international relations fakultettinin east of books aimed at the recognition and Korean language students and teachers can use wide.

Recall, the Academy of Korean Language enrolls about 500 students. In South Korea, as well as institutions of higher learning are receiving external mobility program with more than 20 students.photo story

2019-04-12 16:32:47