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The two teachers took part in a seminar organized by Tsvikkau West Saxony University of Applied Sciences.

On March 25-29, 2019 Tsvikkau West Saxony in Germany, the University of Applied Sciences organized the Erasmus program in order to train the students. In the last day of seminar, senior teacher participated in the event.

Training of workshop for teachers KYRMedu university consortium for provided the practical courses such as the didactic, laboratory manuals on preparation of a number of students. Tsvikkau University professors shared their experience with the onset of training. The seminar was organized in Kyrgyzstan, Osh, Talas, Naryn and Issyk-Kul oblasts and Bishkek city, teachers of higher educational institutions participated in the meeting.

Erasmus + program KYRMedu organizers of training of trainers within the project’s final seminar participants were awarded certificates.