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The use of active learning technologies at the Department of Clinical Disciplines 2

The use of modern active technologies and teaching methods at the department helps students to master practical skills, consolidate knowledge on this issue, and improves the quality of training of specialists at the international medical faculty. institutions, role-playing games, case studies, work in small groups, presentations, watching and discussing videos, etc. For example: Binary lectures are conducted by two psychologists mentally and intellectually compatible teachers who may be representatives of the same or different sciences. And in the discussion lectures, the teacher, when presenting the material, uses the questions posed, organizes a free exchange of views in the intervals between logical sections. When using the case-study method, there are successive stages of a student’s productive activity in the context of a problematic clinical situation. Thus, the use in the classroom of active learning technologies for students of the MMF of Osh State University forms the subject position of the future clinician.