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There is no hesitating to appreciate the patience levels shown by the our students in this lockdown period, especially the most senior batchs i.e. 6th & 5th Year Batches.

Till now, we had arranged MCI classes for the senior batches (5th & 6th year batches) which covered the following 10 subjects

  1. Anatomy (Twice)
  2. Physiology (Twice)
  3. Pathology
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Psychiatry
  7. Radiology
  8. Internal Medicine (Twice)
  9. PSM
  10. Obstetrics and Gynecology (Twice)
  11. Surgery
  • The way your preparation is going on to face the FMGE exam is making us to provide you much more comfort and convenience.
  • Our one and only wish is to see the maximum possible number of students to qualify the FMGE exam with pure and perfect colours
  • We all would like take a moment to show gratitude to the Professors

⇒ Dr. Kamal K.V

⇒Dr. Naveen Porwal

⇒Dr. A.K.Setiya

⇒Dr. Shaktivel

⇒Dr. Ashwini Ranjan

⇒Dr. Monalisa

⇒Dr. Parth Chopra

⇒Dr. Harmeet Goel

⇒Dr. Nadeem

⇒Dr. Khaleel Ahmad

⇒Dr. Nachiketa Asthana

,who visited Jalalabad State University to teach and share their valuable suggestions.

  • Grateful and blissful gratitude to be shown to the *Ultimate Legendary Grand Master of JASU.*

♥  *_Dr. Mohammad Shoaib Shahid M.D, Ph.D._*

for everything which he had done for the uplift and development of JASU

  • Never to forget the efforts kept by these assets of JASU to keep everything integrated, A special thanks giving to

⇒Dr. S.T. Berkmamatov (Dean)

⇒Mrs. Chinara Shatmanova madm

⇒Dr. Kishan Bhandari

⇒Dr. Pradeep Kumar

⇒Aurangazaib Sir

⇒Dr. Ramesh Madesh

  • And special thanks giving for the support shown by the asset of WCIEC INDIA i.e.

⇒ Dr. Firoz

⇒Dr. Fayz

  • Special Thanks to the Media Department i.e.

⇒Rajavenu Radhakrishnan


  • Special Thanks to the Teaching faculty of JASU who arranged Mock tests regularly i.e.

⇒Dr. Shoukat Sir

⇒Dr. Rameel Sir

⇒Dr. Harsha Sir

  • A much special bowdown gratitude to the *Managing Faculty* i.e.

♦  Jay Shankar Pandey

♦  Dr. Kapil Tiwary

♦  Dr. Brijbhushan Singh Sisodiya (MBBS)

♦  Dr. Sajjan Afsal

♦  Dr. Bhupender Swamy

♦  Dr. Rinsi

Always Best wishes for Last year Students….