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Training “Implementation of the functions of the Board of Trustees in order to improve the management of HIV and TB services”.

From November 19 to 21, 2019 in Bishkek, the head of the department, MD, associate professor M. M. Bugubaeva participated in the training “Implementation of the functions of trusteeship councils in order to improve the management of HIV and TB services” organized by members Board of Trustees of state medical institutions operating in the field of HIV and TB, with the support of the UNDP / GF project partnership network. The main goal of the training is to increase the capacity of members of the Board of Trustees for the implementation of functions to improve coordination of management in national specialized organizations, to ensure transparency of activities and the involvement of civil society in governance mechanisms. At the end of the training, the members of the board of trustees were briefed in managing a medical institution, conducting public procurement.