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Training in the framework of the European Union’s Advanced Experience Centers Initiative on the minimization of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks, project 53

On April 22-27, 2019, the lecturer of the OZIZ department, the head of the bacteriological laboratory of the anti-plague department Abdumalik Kyzy Nurzaman, was trained in Bishkek for advanced training: “Principles, development and application of ELISA and PCR methods” for specialists of the laboratory service of the Kyrgyz Republic in the framework of the European project Union / International Scientific and Technical Center R 53. The training was conducted by specialists from Tajikistan, prof. Farida Tishkova, Head of the Regional Training Center for Biosafety and Biosecurity of Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Biosafety and Biosecurity Trainer of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Manizha Mullojanova. The aim of the training is to reduce the chemical, biological and nuclear risks of the EU.Photo plot

2019-04-29 16:11:46