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Tutors and volunteers familiarized newcomers students to the campus of the “Ak-Buura”

According to the program of adaptation and orientation activities, the international students of the Medical Faculty were introduced to the campus faculty. Tutor – teacher of normal physiology – Payzuldaev Timur, gigieny- Abdimomunova Begimai, volunteer – Schoolgirl 11- class “Olympus” Aigul. . Conducted outreach work on the operating mode of the Faculty, the start of classes, with the schedule of classes, with teachers of faculty, AVN system, and other issues related to academic work. The stadium held a mini-football match. “To create a single database, students are provided with a SIM card, a student advantageous tariff for international calls on the SIM card will receive a SMS notification from the dean’s office.” – Said Deputy Dean Dzhumaeva LMtutors-and-volunteers-familiarized-newcomers-students-to-the-campus-of-the