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UNAMA, the native language of “Holy absurd OshSU presented a program titled” pride event

On September 23, the Kyrgyz Republic, the State Language Day and the 30th anniversary of the Osh State University, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of “Mother tongue – Holy absurd OshSU – pride in the program called” big event to the public.

Holiday party Ceremonial Respuplikasının Anthem performed by the students with the language and national anthem started.

Acting speaker of the rector of the University Kudaiberdi Theo State congratulated the 30-year anniversary of the tongue and the general community, which is living history spanning centuries of praising the greatness of the Kyrgyz language, respect, care, and development must come from the heart of every citizen identification. At the same time, the State University of positive steps in this direction, and added that took its toll on the continuous work throughout the year. As well as the state language at a university be published in two months, in this area, aimed at developing comprehensive work is going well.

Faculty at the party so far, colleges, organized events, has been selected as the best numbers to the public. Overall, the anniversary event and the young woman accompanied by a proposal bastard. Sarmerdendin University repetitive speech and objectivity than the word of the wise, and retired teachers.

Sarmerdende talented young men and women singing and dancing songs, proverbs say, tongue twisters, and the various departments of the University, where people of different nationalities robust legacy of the epic “Manas”, the song “More” swinging, singing, dancing, proverb -lakaptarıbızdı charges, and surprise audiences.

Led by the end of ceremony, a festive meal for the organization of the official language of the University provost Arstanov patient actively involved in the present contribution to the Organization and heads of faculties, colleges, senior lecturer in the state, “the head” of the State Language Center, thanked the students, Certificates, diplomas and valuable gifts .

Note that the language of the State University, published two months, two months in accordance with the provisions of the various measures are underway.