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Welcome of Indian students at Osh Airport by Osh State University.

September 18 tutors of international medical faculty -Ashimov Urmat- head tutors, Ismailov Imetkul, Kurmanbaev Nurzhigit volunteers – student 5 – year medical faculty Joroev Aymeerim, Azimbaev Kutman student 5th year, the chairman of the Youth Committee – Boykunta Hazarikhi, student ombudsman – Piyush Mishra, met students from India in the international airport of the city of Osh. After meeting at the airport, the students were taken to the hostel, where they will stay for a year. The program of orientation – adaptation measures include several phases and will last for 2 weeks. Students will talk in detail about the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, of the city of Osh, Osh State University policy, familiarize with all structures, with a credit technology training and others. These activities are carried out in accordance with a program developed at the University, on the improvement of adaptation measures. “We will make every effort to adapt new students occurred most quickly and smoothly” – says Urmat Ashimov.

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