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What does the role play give?

Advantages of role-playing games: – objectively assess the student’s preparation for the lesson; – transparency in assessing knowledge; – dispels the skills of public speaking; – develops the ability to formulate thoughts using professional terms; – role-playing game reduces the time of accumulating professional experience. Let us consider an example of role-playing game with 4-year students in the subject “Neurology and neurosurgery, topic“ Diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Neuralgia. ”, Which shows the importance of the educational game in mastering the topic, individual and group assessment of the professional activities of the game participants. The method provides for co-education (collective, training in collaboration), and both the student and the teacher are subjects of the educational process. The teacher often acts only as the organizer of the learning process, the group leader, facilitator, and the creator of the conditions for student initiative.